Monday, July 9, 2012

Under Armour's "This Is How We Run" Spot Hits YouTube

We learned a few weeks ago that Under Armour's Spine Footwear Line would land in stores this month, and with it UA's biggest marketing push to date.

The new TV spot hit UA's YouTube channel and Facebook page last weekend.

I find it interesting that the commercial focuses much more on the athletic prowess of the shoe's spokespeople than the product itself, especially given the technology-loaded nature of the Spine series. There's only a subtle, somewhat ambiguous nod to the product benefit towards the end of the spot with the "backbone" reference. 

I do appreciate neutral use of the shoe in the commercial. Superstars Cam Newton and Tom Brady are shown using the product in the gym and on the street, rather than on the football field. This positions the product to a wider audience, suggesting it can be used by any athlete who runs to stay in shape.

I'm interested to see how fans will react to the spot, and whether the message of innovation has been communicated clearly enough for such a groundbreaking product. Stay tuned for updates!

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