Friday, February 1, 2013

Nike Launches Interactive Video

Nike launched an interactive video this week as an extension of its "Make it Count" campaign initiative. The video highlights athletic pursuits and fitness achievements of regular people across the globe along with those of athletes such as Serena Williams and Moh Farah. Viewers can engage with clickable "goals" that pop up throughout the spot and share their fitness resolutions on Facebook and Twitter.

The spot in its entirety is an athletic anthem, with no nod to a particular product or option to click through to Nike's online store. The sole goal of the video seems to be to inspire the audience to take on new fitness goals for 2013, such as "smashing a 5k," "conquering a marathon," and "dominating the 1-1."

The video, the product of a collaboration with taggable video company wireWAX, lives on Nike's Make it Count landing page, YouTube channel, and Facebook page. You can view the spot below.


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