Thursday, November 17, 2011

The North Face, Tetons and TV

In the past couple of weeks we have seen The North Face "Test on Humans", go "Beyond Boundaries" to teach valuable safety lessons and now release their new broadcast spot on prime time television.  While we can assume that a good amount of dollars went into the production of the spot, The North Face made sure to keep it authentic by using all North Face athletes to star, produce and edit.

The behind the scenes of the :30 commercial features the photographer, the talent, director and editor (all North Face athletes) collaborating with Camp4Collective productions as they prepare for shoot day. With clips leading up to, during and post shoot, the behind the scenes is almost most intriguing than the spot itself.

The spot itself condenses an expedition up the Teton in 30 seconds for TV. The ascent, the peak and the descent via skis by veteran North Face athlete Hilaree O'Neill.

Some interesting soundbites from the Behind the Scenes:

"...making something that someone in the core audience will look at and say 'wow that's the real deal'  I appreciate that on an athletic level and story telling level" -Renan Ozturk, Editor

"I love the fact that we can develop a tv commercial that airs for millions of people but really do it in a way that feels authentic for us as skiers and climbers" -Landon Bassett, Brand Manager for Outdoors

"Not very many companies would give up the concepting, writing, producing and directing and shooting and editing to a few of their professional athletes and that's exactly what The North Face did which says a lot about The North Face's commitment to building a brand that is authentic" -Jimmy Chin, Director

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