Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New L.L. Bean Campaign Encourages Outdoor Discovery

Last week, L.L. Bean launched its spring "Discover Something" campaign in celebration of the brand's birthday and 100 years of dedication to helping people discover the great outdoors. The campaign features four long-form thematic videos running both online and in cinema across the country. The spots depict the stories of real L.L. Bean customers and their drastically different yet equally profound experiences with nature.    

Each spot offers an emotional, unpretentious approach to the outdoors that can resonate with consumers of all ages. In one video there's a message of personal discovery, while another illustrates a mother's appreciation for the positive impact that nature has had on her young son. For L.L. Bean customers, it's not as much about the conquest of the hardcore elements as it is about doing anything outside that makes you happy, whether it be collecting leaves in your backyard or climbing your 10th mountain. The spots are not heavily product focused, but instead highlight the value in getting outside and using nature as a playground. 

The campaign represents a departure from L.L. Bean's previous messaging, which is usually quite product-centric. The spots are genuine and beautifully portray the freedom that exists in outdoor discovery. L.L. Bean also invites customers to share stories through social networks about when they too discovered something outside, and for each message the company will donate $1 to their charitable Million Moment Mission. Check out the spots below.

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