Thursday, April 19, 2012

Under Armour Launches Competition for Female Athletes

On April 23, Under Armour will kick off their "What's Beautiful" competition, a quest to redefine and empower the female athlete. Participants will vie to become the new face of Under Amour throughout a grueling nine week journey, during which they'll be required to declare a goal and complete 19 challenges along the way.

The journey will live in an microsite, on which competitors will have their own profile page. Through the microsite, Under Armour will help participating women along with gear giveaways, tips from trainers, and motivational content.

Participants will also be asked to upload videos, photos, and powerful vignettes throughout the duration of the competition that illustrate their drive, competitive spirit and ability to influence their communities. Thus, the competition will be as much about compelling story-telling as it as about athletic pursuit. Winners will be selected based on who can depict the most impressive, impassioned, and monumental journey, so it's a given that we'll see some truly interesting, inspirational content. Competitors can access an on-going activity feed on the microsite to track the progress and content of their adversaries, and fans can follow along with the competition on Facebook and Twitter.

Two winners will be selected by Under Armour and the third will be chosen by the public, which imbues the competition with a broader social element. The winners will earn a year-long sponsorship from Under Armour that will include free training with UA celebrities, nutritionist consultation, access to special events and much more.

The nature of the competition speaks to the burgeoning population of hard-core female athletes, and the growing opportunity for activewear brands to engage with these individuals. No longer is athletic challenge the exclusive domain of a male audience, and sportswear brands need to find ways to speak to women about athletics in a meaningful and relevant way. With the presence of dedicated athletes, healthy competition, and a social community, What's Beautiful undoubtedly achieves this.

Check out the video below for more competition details.

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