Thursday, June 14, 2012

Adidas Launches Tumblr Campaign

About two months ago, we learned that Tumblr was inviting brands to leverage the platform in order to reach consumers. Last week, the blog site teamed up with Adidas in a month-long advertising campaign launched in conjunction with the 2012 UEFA European Championship.

The site features static images, animated GIFs, and Youtube videos grouped in different categories that speak directly to the interests of Adidas's core audience of soccer fans. The blog also links to external sites like EPL Talk, a news site dedicated to the English Premiere League, and A Football Report, another online hub for soccer lovers.

The month-long Tumblr program earns Adidas a daily top posting in the Tumblr Radar slot on the user dashboard, which greatly increases the visibility of the post to the millions of loyal Tumblr users out there. It will also push Adidas posts to the top of the "football" category feed, which is accessible on the viewer sidebar.      


The creation of a Tumblr campaign is an incredibly strategic move for Adidas because of its concurrence with the European Championship. It allows the brand to deliver fresh content in real time to an incredibly engaged audience who might be seeking something extra, particularly because soccer certainly does not dominate the sports landscape in the United States. Without pushing any product message, Adidas interacts with and becomes top-of-mind for the online audience by providing an enjoyable and exciting experience.


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