Thursday, June 7, 2012

Merrell Launches M-Connect

Barefoot runners rejoice, Merrell has announced it will greatly expand its athletic department with M-Connect, a new footwear series built to connect the outdoor athlete to a full range of activities. M-Connect includes four collections: the Mix Master Trail, Proterra Light Hiker, and upgraded versions of the flagship Road Glove and Bare Access prototypes. 

Deemed the "intelligent evolution of barefoot," M-Connect extends beyond road and trail running. The new series provides fast and responsive design that enables runners to enjoy the benefits of minimalist footwear inside the gym and up steeper hiking trails. For example, the Proterra Hiker, arguably the boldest of the pack, gives greater stability on rugged trails with enhanced cushioning and a large arch.       

M-Connect comes a response to the ever-increasing cohort of barefoot runners and Merrell's vision to expand the technology to new audiences. By aligning the technology with terrain, Merrell invites serious hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to make barefoot a part of their athletic experience. The series will also likely infiltrate Merrell's loyal following of road runners who may want a different shoe to take on new challenges. 

M-Connect expects full launch for the Spring 2013 season.

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