Thursday, November 8, 2012

Instagram Moves to the Web

Instagram announced on Monday that it will begin rolling out online profiles for its users this week, a group that now tops over 100 million. The new web feature showcases a selection of the user's recently shared photos in what looks like a more dynamic version of the Facebook cover photo, perhaps the first subtle integration we've seen of the two platforms since since the Facebook acquisition several months ago.

The online profile incorporates all functions provided by the mobile platform, and easily enables the user to follow other users, comment and like photos, and edit their profile from their desktop. It's also a simpler way to discover and connect with new users, given that it's now possible to post your Instagram profile on Facebook and Twitter and share your photos with a wider audience.

Which of course, is good news for brands. The new web profile provides yet another platform on which to drive online traffic and invite user engagement. Community managers can manage their Instagram community right from a computer and seamlessly integrate it with other profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

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