Friday, September 7, 2012

Under Armour Launches Massive Women's Initiative

For decades, women have been an afterthought in the world of sports. Only recently have athletic brands caught on to the idea that the female athletic segment is growing far faster than that of their counterparts. Under Armour, certainly cognizant of this shift, can be considered a pioneer in the realm of female-targeted messaging.

UA has launched an aggressive multimedia initiative to corner the female market with the some of the industry's first ever female-specific TV ads. The campaign, titled "No Matter What, Sweat Every Day. I WILL." hinges on the concept that no day should pass without breaking a sweat. The title is a mantra, a challenge, and a rally cry wrapped up in a single tagline. It reminds women that the best part of their day is the moment they feel that release from working out, pushing limits, and reaching goals.

Digitally, UA will support the initiative on their Facebook and Twitter platforms and through a dedicated landing page at The campaign will also feature the second installment of UA's What's Beautiful Competition, a quest to redefine the female athlete and reward those that challenge themselves to meet personal athletic goals. The competition is accessible through a mobile app, which allows participants to document and share daily workouts and post photos, videos, and diary entries.

The campaign also lives within :60, :30, and :15 second spots, which will broadcast across online locations like Hulu and, and on lifestyle TV networks such as Barvo, E!, VH1 and Nickelodeon.

The anthemic :60 spot builds upon UA's unique relationship with the female consumer using its gritty, raw brand voice. UA understands that its female consumer is intense, goal-oriented, and always pushing to improve. In line with much of the brand's past creative, the spot shows respect for the athletes it features and depicts them in a variety of authentic training environments.

And while "Sweat Everyday" certainly nods more lifestyle than to product, it does subtly support UA's new StudioLux Noir black-on-black collection, featuring leggings, jackets and tanks. The gear, donned by the spot's featured athletes, will be available in participating retail stores next month.

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