Monday, August 27, 2012

Vibram Achieves Success with Mobile Ad

As an avid smartphone user, I'm usually quite reluctant to embrace mobile advertisements. And I would assume the same goes for most individuals trying to use their phones. But despite the expected resentment towards towards this kind of interruption, Vibram has achieved success with a rich media mobile ad.

Vibram's app, supported by Amp Agency, Nail Agency, and Jumptap, uses touch screen technology to gamify the barefoot running experience. It allows users to virtually test out the versatility of Fivefingers technology on a variety of different terrains like grass, a dirt trail, and a blacktop road. To participate, users use their fingers to tap the virtual pair of FiveFingers shoes on the screen and 'run' to the nearest Vibram store. Before embarking on this virtual run, users enter their zip code to find the location of the nearest Vibram store, adding a layer of utility to the ad.    

The ad was also quite successful in driving viewers to online stores with embedded links in the app. The ad inspired 1.41% ad expansion, drove brand awareness, and resulted in a 1.3% click-through rate on iPad devices.

The mobile ad follows the correct formula for increasing mobile consumer engagement: gamification and utility. According to an executive at Jumptap, effectiveness comes from visually appealing creative, engaging content, and apt audience targeting to increase the relevancy of the rich media unit. Judging by their 60% engagement rate, Vibram achieved all three.  

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