Thursday, August 9, 2012

Teva Signs on First Winter Athlete, Looks to Expand Audience

Teva, an outdoor company that has cornered the market for high quality sports sandals, has signed on its first winter athlete to support the launch of a new line of winter boots this fall. Lel Ton, a professional ski patroller and heli-ski guide, will join the rest of the Teva brand team of athletes to support the new series, known as the Lifty Collection. According to Teva, this push will represent the brand's first entrance into the winter sports market.

I'm interested to see if the new boot will gain traction with Teva's loyal fan base. Teva has achieved such credibility for their stronghold on sports sandals, which have been popularized by paddle racers, kayakers, wake boarders and other water athletes. Ton's presence could strike a chord with winter athletes who might look to Teva for their winter gear solution. Or it could be seen as a misguided attempt to enter a market already controlled by longstanding competitors. Stay tuned for updates!

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