Thursday, February 9, 2012

Behind the Scenes of those commercials you loved...or hated

Now that we've had the joy of watching the Super Bowl ads, if you're like me, you are wondering what went into the production of each of them. Here are a couple of behind the scenes videos from some of the advertisers we saw during the game:

Volkswagen BTS: Must see. Even the dog is interviewed. Very charming clip.

Lexus BTS: Wasn't impressed with this ad but BTS shows how the set was made from scratch.

Teleflora: This ad was just awful and the Behind the Scenes almost makes it worse.

Pepsi: Good thing I watched the Behind the Scenes to find out who this Melanie Amaro was: X Factor winner!

Chevy: While our ad panel Monday night had improvements to this spot, I still find the main character to be hilarious.

Hyundai: One of the Creative Director panelists on Monday really liked this spot for how simple and to the point it was. Looks like the cheetah wasn't a very cooperative actor however:

Camry: Not behind the scenes content but had to post an example of one commercial I think irked me the most. I guess half naked girl couches and rain that makes you skinny are just not funny to me!

Audi: As mentioned on Monday, this seemed to be one of the ads that was unanimously enjoyed by all the attendees and panelists. It stayed true to the brief and to the brand truth. Audi has lights bright as daylight = truth and so they cleverly adapted that to a popular trending topic nowadays: vampires.

Lastly, did anyone notice a strange resemblance between the Chrysler "It's halftime in America" and Reagan's 1984 presidential ad "It's morning in America"? I know I was fully convinced that the Chrysler commercial was a political ad until I saw Clint Eastwood come to light. Interesting parallelism.

Chrysler TV ad:

Ronald Reagan TV ad:

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