Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Warm Winter Woes and Under Armour

Whether you love the cold or hate it, you have noticed that winter this year wasn't quite the same. It has made headlines everywhere across the nation, including Ad Age.

In Ad Age's article yesterday, they cite this past December-January as the fourth warmest period on record, with snowfall 91% below normal.

Google cites the online search results from Dec-Feb 13th where it's clear people swapped their snow boots for their outdoor running shoes this winter (see below).

Other fun facts:

-Fewer people needed chicken soup and tissues: Campbell Soup Co. sales fell 2% and facial tissue volume was down 12%.
-Walgreens administered 5.5 million flue shots compared to 6.3 million last year saw record visits in January
-Higher visits seen at malls, movie theaters, bars and restaurants
-Retail brands across the board, including right down to Abercrombie are now turning to aggressive markdowns to clear their winter merchandise. (Forget the lack of snow, for those who get cold easily, now is the time to shop!)

So now the end of winter is near and with that the end of football, BUT just the start of NFL scouting. Under Armour has just released a new TV commercial with Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers quarterback. The ad will be running today during the NFL scouting kick off. Coolest part of this ad? I just discovered and got to see this DJ perform last week here in SF! Think I'm more interested in the Araabmuzik DJ here than the spot itself, which reminds me of every other U.A spot I've seen.

Interesting behind the scenes on the music here:

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  1. I like the graphic with the google search stats. However I don't like the text font of the blog, it's hard to focus, not very user friendly to read.