Thursday, March 1, 2012

Athleta "Power to the She"

While some brands like Lululemon inspire you to take a deep breath and zen, Athleta is aiming to get you moving. But how different are they?

Athleta's director of advertising, Sheila Sheka, said to Ad Week ""A lot of brands speak to women about attaining physical beauty or physical prowess. We felt like there was this beautiful space in between, where we could speak to her about being both feminine and powerful."

Although Athleta has been concentrated in catalogs, they have brought on ad agency Peterson Milla Hooks to create the positioning for the brand and advise on the look and feel. Athleta's ads however are being created in-house. The latest: a print campaign with their manifesto.

PMH created "Power to the She" which combines "power" or performance with "she" femininity that you'll see in the creative.

Ad Week quotes "To them, craziness is happiness," said Vincent. "On top of family and friends and social life, they're totally gaga about working out—and going outside and doing it." A manifesto felt like the right way to pay tribute to them.

The ads are running in Real Simple, In Style and Sports Illustrated to name a few. Athleta is also sponsoring the Iron Girl, national all-female, race series and partnering with Girls on the Run nonprofit. They are also running (no pun intended) Pandora advertising where you can create your own "Power to the She" workout station.

Take a look at the creative below (click to expand):

YouTube Video:

Full Ad Week story here:

Looks like we have more to look forward to from Athleta!

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