Friday, March 30, 2012

Snowboarding gets Shazamed

If you weren't planning on tuning in to Red Bull's Supernatural snowboarding competition on NBC this Saturday, I highly suggest it. It's going to be epic. The event will feature two hours of the raddest snowboarders in the world shredding through man-made obstacles, jumps and drops, and you can catch the madness from the point-of-view of the boarders as they tear down the slopes.

Thanks to the media-discovery Shazam Application and Contour, an industry leader in video storytelling, viewers nationwide can watch exclusive footage streaming straight from the helmets of top competitors and feel like a part of the action from their own living room.

Intermittent visual reminders throughout the event will prompt viewers to download the app and engage with it during the show, and boarders will urge their fans to get involved through their personal social network profiles. Once Shazam is activated, fans can can unlock content and connect with other viewers through Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation going.

The Supernatural event is just one installment of the Red Bull Signature Series, an NBC broadcast featuring 35 hours of extreme programming that will roll out in the coming months. And though we've become accustomed to seeming some pretty intense stuff from the world's top athletes, a Red Bull stamp on this event means it's likely to be like nothing we've ever seen.

So the lesson here is that an event this disruptive should be paired with technology that's equally as mind-blowing to enhance the viewer experience. Like many other snow enthusiasts during this snowless winter, I didn't have a chance to hit the slopes these past few months. So a chance to land every jump and flip through the eyes of those competing is the next best thing. Check out the preview of Supernatural below, and follow along with the action Saturday at Twitter handle #supernatural.

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