Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A catalog you can touch in the cold

How many times have you been in the cold and cursed when you had to send a text? Why? because it means you have to remove your gloves and freeze your hands while you communicate with your loved one. But leave it to IKEA to create a solution not just for texting, but so you can easily flip through their catalog on your iPad, and keep your hands warm.

To launch their new iPad catalog, IKEA created "Beröra," a sewing kit that includes a conductive thread that you sew onto your own glove's index finger.

Main Highlights featured in their case study video:

-Product named "Beröra" which means "to touch"
-Reached all-time high click-rate in Norwegian history
-12,000 kits were gone in two weeks
-IKEA Catalog reached #1 in the App store
-Most downloaded IKEA catalog in the world per capita

Check out the case study video below put together by Ikea's agency SMFB:

Back in the states, this past Monday, Gizmodo writer Mario Aguilar stated "This is an injustice. We demand that like Swedish meatballs before it, the Beröra be brought to Americans so that next winter we might all touchscreen-enable our gloves. There is a bright future ahead in which winter will no longer dominate my tablet usage. It's up to Ikea to make this right. Do the right thing Ikea."

I'm with you Mario.

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