Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Footwear Funday

As more and more brands enter the footwear category, we're excited to see what existing footwear companies will do to maintain a loyal fan base. To kick off this week, we've compiled a few recent initiatives by some players in the footwear arena.


Remaining steadfastly devoted to promoting environmental protection, Patagonia has partnered with to support the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). For every pair of Patagonia shoes purchased through between today, March 19th and April 2nd, Patagonia Footwear will donate $10 to AMC in an effort to support the Appalachian region.

The partnership is a component of Patagonia's Advocate Weeks program, which allows retail partners to pick a non-profit of their choice that focuses on issues of sustainability. The AMC has over 100,000 members and works to promote understanding and appreciation for the mountains, forests, and waters of Appalachia.


As an extension of their PUMA Social movement, PUMA recently launched "Better Out Than In," a spot that nods to the "late-night" athlete and acknowledges that athleticism is not limited exclusively to the court or field.

See the spot below:

The tone of the ad is a drastic departure from that of other footwear brands, who battle for the loyalty of performance athletes and competitive sports junkies. The ad shines light on the foosball fanatics, dart champions and karaoke connoisseurs of the night, spreading Puma Social's mantra of living life to the fullest and seeking adventure at every possible juncture.

The ad does not highlight PUMA's footwear or apparel products. Instead, it is imbued with emotion and hinges on the brand's traditional lifestyle messaging.

It certainly wouldn't be a footwear conversation without throwing Nike in the mix. They've recently launched a video showcasing their vision for the future of the Nike retail experience. The pop-up store, called Fuel Station, centers on the promotion of the upcoming Nike+ FuelBand product and features an interactive wall and other augmented reality and video recording functions. Check it out below.

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